EHS/ES Resources

Electromagnetic Radiation Surveys

John Lincoln

Email: johnlincoln@optusnet.com.au

EMR Surveys undertakes independent professional surveys which can identify potential electromagnetic radiation trouble spots in either the home or the workplace.

Stop Smart Meters Australia

Steve Weller

Provides support and assistance to people who are opposed to the forced rollout of smart meters on the grounds of health, privacy, security, safety and/or costs.


Australasian Society of Building Biologists

Email: lucinda@ecohealthsolutions.com.au

Since 2007 the ASBB has helped to educate the public, businesses, health practitioners and the government about Building Biology. Building Biology is the process of assessing the built environment for potential hazards to human health, this is also known as “sick building syndrome.”

EMR Australia PL

 EMR Australia PL

Contact: Lyn McLean

We are a resource for people who are sensitive to and experiencing problems with electromagnetic radiation (EMR). We provide information, support and resources for reducing exposure and protecting against harmful exposures.


Radiation Refuge

Contact: Bruce Evan


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009236928144

Radiation Refuge provides a free listing for EHS friendly accommodation for EHS people. It also gives EHS friendly businesses free advertising as a reward for being EHS friendly. Radiation Refuge also is a great place for articles relating to EHS. The site will soon be adding capabilities for MCS people as well.

hls_LOGOstacked_RGBHealthy Living Spaces Contact: Narelle McDonald, General Practitioner  Phone: 0411111645 

Email: narelle@healthylivingspaces.com.au

Speciality: Building Biology

Narelle is a qualified Building Biologist and Feng Shui Consultant. Healthy Living Spaces can provide consultations, advice and solutions for homes, schools and workplaces.

Her passion is to provide information, practical solutions and healthy alternatives to empower you to make the right choices for you and your family to enhance your overall wellbeing and create environments that nourish and support you.

 Dr. Priyanka (Pri) BandaraWebsite: http://www.ayubo.com.au

Email: ayubowan@dodo.com.au

Dr Priyanka Bandara provides an environmental and dietary consultancy service in Sydney with a  special focus on exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields and chemicals that contribute to common health problems people are having these days.

She was a former academic clinical researcher at Westmead, RPA hospitals and Faculty of Medicine at University of Sydney. She now operates as an independent health researcher and consultant.  Her service is highly scientifically based and has helped many (starting from my own family) to recover from years of immune, neurological, hormonal etc. disorders with modification to lifestyle and living environment. Consultations are at the client’s home or over the phone/skype. She also offer a comprehensive EMR audit.”

 Alan MasonAlan has provided two documents relating to how people can protect their home from having a smart meter installed.

NOTE The following notes are only applicable to homeowners who have the freedom to implement the suggested recommendations.
For tenants renting their homes and want to undertake some preventative measures, they would need to obtain the written permission of their landlord prior to undertaking any of the changes suggested in this document.

Protecting Your Home from Smart Meters

Anti-Smart Meter Protection Brackets

ES-UK http://www.es-uk.info/ 

US-EK provides unbiased and balanced information to help those who have become sensitive to mobile and cordless phones, their masts, wifi, and a multitude of common everyday electrical appliances.

UK Powerwatch.http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/  

Powerwatch is a small non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK EMF and Microwave Radiation health debate. They work with other like-minded groups and with decision-makers in government and business, promoting policies for a safer environment. They have been researching EMF effects on health for over 20 years and provide information to help people understand these complex issues.

Physicians for Safe Technology page on A Clinical Approach to Electrohypersensitivity.https://mdsafetech.org/problems/electro-sensitivity/a-clinical-approach-to-ehs/
Dave Bourke https://www.electromagnetichealthandsafety.com.au/

For EMF testing; installation and modification of telecommunication/data cabling to remove wi-fi; and reducing dirty electricity.