Our Mission

The aim of the ANRES project is the establishment of Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities (ANRES).


Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities (ANRES) aims to:

  1. Be a place where individuals with Environmental Sensitivities (ES) or their carers can register their Environmental Sensitivity and add to the numbers. There will be no fees involved and an automatic number instead of name will be generated to maintain privacy 
  2. Be a place where support groups can register their support, linking in with other groups, 
  3. Be a place where medical practitioners can register their support for people with ES.

The ANRES project goal is to create a national register that provides Australian prevalence data on Environmental Sensitivities, to assist in gaining recognition of ES as a disability and facilitate moving forward with issues such as access to medical and disability services.

Information gathered through this project is through three separate, but equally important, segments of people. These are:

  1. Individuals or carers of people with Environmental Sensitivities;
  2. Support groups or organisations that endorse the project; and
  3. Medical and Health Practitioners who treat individuals with ES to register their support for the project.

Together this information is collated and presented to the applicable governing bodies to initiate and continue change.