The Team

Dr. Sharyn Martin.

Since developing MCS herself, Dr. Martin has become aware of the vast number of people that suffer from Environmental Sensitivities including MCS, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fragrance Sensitivities. Apart from the health care aspects, there are also problems with finances, isolation (social and physical), and inability to perform daily activities that others take for granted. She found that other people were suffering and felt the need to help.

Dr. Sharyn Martin worked as a research scientist for 20 + years before developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in 1993 in the workplace. Sharyn has also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) after finding that TCM helped with the condition.

From 1994 to 2012 Sharyn worked with the Queensland MCS group, ASEHA (Allergy, Sensitivity, and Environmental Health Association) writing articles, assisting in preparation of submissions, guidelines and website information. Sharyn has been integral in the creation and maintenance of the information website on MCS and allergies, www.asehaqld.org.au.

In 2012 after nearly 30 years, the ASEHA group closed down. Sharyn still maintains the website and has an interest in continuing to help people understand their condition.

Dr. Ian Buttfield.

Ian Buttfield is a physician with experience in the management of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  During the course of attempting to help people with CFS, he became very aware of the chemical sensitivity component of this disorder, and the significant distress the disorder causes.

Subsequently, he was asked to join a South Australian Government committee on Chemical Sensitivity.  This committee was very productive but was closed due to various financial challenges located in the health area.  During the committee meetings, a great deal information was learned and some significant programs were put in place.  With the closure of the committee, Ian was motivated to assist people working developing websites and gaining credibility with the government.

Ian is now retired but maintains active interest in this problem. He is keen to see this website succeed as a first step to gaining generalised recognition for the problem.