Information for Individuals with Environmental Sensitivities

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With the information we gather from your registration, we are able to assist thousands of Australians who are living with the disability Environmental Sensitivities conditions such as MCS, EHS, CFS, Lyme disease and so forth incur in their lives. This information is priceless in collating background evidence needed to highlight what actions need to be taken to alleviate the suffering of many.

We GUARANTEE your information will be kept private and secure. If you leave an email address your registration information will be included in a confirmation email. For more information on privacy, click here.

If you know someone with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) who is unable to access the internet, please download and print the ANRES Individual registration form. The form can be completed and mailed to us for inclusion on the register, mailing details can be found on the form.
To facilitate privacy in Registration of your environmental sensitivities your name and email are optional fields. If you do add your name and email, be assured that we will not share your name or email address.

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